User registration enabled

Submitted by mimec on 2006-10-08

User registration is now enabled on all sites and it's required to post comments and forum topics. I appreciate all comments you posted so far and I'm always trying to respond as fast as possible. So I hope the need of registration won't discourage you from expressing your opinions. In fact, I hope it will encourage you to contribute to these websites more actively :).

Please note that user information is not shared between the sites, so you need to register separately on each of them. I guess it's not a big problem as the target audience of these sites is slightly different anyway.


Posting comments temporarily disabled

Submitted by mimec on 2006-10-07

Posting comments and forum topics on all sites is temporarily disabled. It will be re-enabled again by the end of the week. Since then posting any content will require registration. I hope it won't be a problem to anyone.

As a side note, it's amazing that anonymous content was enabled on these sites for almost a year without any significant spamming attempts. But, I guess, they weren't popular enough for the spammers to attack it, so I should probably treat the last attack as a sign of growing popularity :).


WebIssues website

Submitted by mimec on 2006-09-16

After almost 7 month of development, the first official version of WebIssues is almost done. It will be released about September 20th. The website of the project - - is now under construction; more information will be available in a few days.

What can I say - after putting so much work into it, I'm very anxious what you will say about the program and what will be its future. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.

You can also notice that I made a face lifting of all web sites. The new graphical style is... uhm, quite original, but I personally like it. There is also some new stuff available - I updated my biography and published a few photos in the gallery.

Working on WebIssues again

Submitted by mimec on 2006-02-27

I just wanted to drop a note that I'm still alive and I recently returned to work on WebIssues. I redesigned the system a little bit and currently I'm implementing new ideas and features. The first beta version should be available for download in a few months.

My overtime job is completed for now, so I will finally have more time to spend on open source development. Well, it is kind of overtime job too, but somehow I feel more motivated to work when I don't get paid. Humans are very strange creatures, aren't they?

And by the way, I've just played with the Programs section and added some more useful information, so check it out if you're curious what I'm planning to do in the nearest future. I know, there's a lot of work, but looking at what I've done for the last two years I become optimistic.


Fraqtive and MFC articles

Submitted by mimec on 2005-12-18

Yesterday I created a web site for Fraqtive, a fractal generator for KDE written by me. The official address is now Some parts are still missing, for example a forum and the binary packages, but the source packages can be downloaded.

Today I moved my MFC articles, along with all 230 comments posted over the past few years. These articles are still quite popular, even though MFC is a rather old technology, and honestly it's pain in the ass to use it. Yeah, I know, too much time spent with Qt :). I can't fully support these articles, simply because I forgot most of the MFC hacks I used to know... however here they are, if anyone finds them useful.