Working on WebIssues again

Submitted by mimec on 2006-02-27

I just wanted to drop a note that I'm still alive and I recently returned to work on WebIssues. I redesigned the system a little bit and currently I'm implementing new ideas and features. The first beta version should be available for download in a few months.

My overtime job is completed for now, so I will finally have more time to spend on open source development. Well, it is kind of overtime job too, but somehow I feel more motivated to work when I don't get paid. Humans are very strange creatures, aren't they?

And by the way, I've just played with the Programs section and added some more useful information, so check it out if you're curious what I'm planning to do in the nearest future. I know, there's a lot of work, but looking at what I've done for the last two years I become optimistic.