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I published FootPrint, an FTP server for Windows which I wrote almost three years ago. Installers for both the English and Polish langage versions are available here, as well as the full source code, which can be freely used and modified. It demonstrates the practical use of many of my articles (actually, some of them were based on the code written originally for FootPrint) as well as other programming techniques, for example using COM with MFC, however it is almost uncommented. Well, don't judge my programming skills by this code, however the application itself was successfully used by some friends of mine and works very nicely.

I'm currently trying to create the Windows version of Fraqtive, it should be available next week. The next big thing to come is the first official release of WebIssues, the bug tracking system that I've created as my master's thesis. I think it should be done by the end of this month, I just have to finish the documentation and some other details.

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Fraqtive and MFC articles

Yesterday I created a web site for Fraqtive, a fractal generator for KDE written by me. The official address is now Some parts are still missing, for example a forum and the binary packages, but the source packages can be downloaded.

Today I moved my MFC articles, along with all 230 comments posted over the past few years. These articles are still quite popular, even though MFC is a rather old technology, and honestly it's pain in the ass to use it. Yeah, I know, too much time spent with Qt :). I can't fully support these articles, simply because I forgot most of the MFC hacks I used to know... however here they are, if anyone finds them useful.

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Welcome to

My domain and hosting service was launched today and the entire site will be available as soon as I move some contents from the previous site. I'm no longer a student so I can't use my university's server any more. Besides it's going to be shut down by the end of the year anyway. They're putting those shiny Windows machines everywhere now and they can't stand that old, rusty Unix machine running somewhere in the basement... sign of our times, I guess.

Back to the point, I'm still waiting for some time to move everything here and also publish some new stuff that I recently made, for example my master's thesis. It won't be easy since I have a full time job and an additional task to do at work (I volunteered so I can't complain :). So please be patient and just visit this site from time to time.

Finally, a note for all Polish speaking folks. Maintaining a two-language site is a nightmare, so it will be entirely in English. Since most things published here are interesting only for programmers and other geeks, I hope it won't be a problem.

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