Michał Męciński is a free software enthusiast, developing applications for both Windows and Linux, living in Poland.

You can find here my current open source projects and a few components for Qt (and some old ones for MFC). There is also my blog, which is dedicated mostly to technical issues. From time to time I also post various personal thoughts, photos, etc.

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Dual-pane file manager for Windows
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Program for drawing 3D surfaces from parametric equations
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Mandelbrot family fractal generator

Mister Tins released

I just released the first beta version of Mister Tins. You can download it for free and play the first five levels in demo mode. For now the full version is only available for beta testers and press, if you're interested then please contact me. In a nutshell, Mister Tins is a puzzle indie game for PC in a top-down perspective view. The goal is to move boxes to open doors, jump between platforms and different floors, avoid obstacles and find the exit from a labyrinth of rooms.

Here's the official trailer of the game:

You can find more information about the game on the official blog of the MiMec Games team.

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