Two years of

Submitted by mimec on 2007-12-15

The website was officially opened two years ago. Just like last year, it's a good opportunity to summarize the past 12 months. It's also a very good time to do that. Most of this year was just a long period of stagnation and struggling against everything. But it was worth it, because now the results are coming, sometimes in very unexpected ways, and it's the first time for a long time I can't really complain about anything :).

Looking back this year doesn't really look that bad. Two great holidays at the Polish see and in Turkey. A lot of new friends, surprisingly, both at work and in private life. Still not what I'd really want, but at least it's going in the right direction. Two concerts where I met interesting people. Quite a few music parties, and it looks like they're going to be continued even though everything indicated otherwise. Not only I got the driving license, but I also finally bought a car, which is a really huge improvement both in comfort and time saving.

At work I got quite a good raise and became a project manager, at least in theory. In practice that means I have to do everything from coding and testing to communicating with the clients in three different projects, but hey, at least I'm not bored anymore :). There have been some indications recently that I might be getting some profits from my open source activities, which is encouraging, but it's too distant to even mention it now. Anyway, I haven't lost my enthusiasm for doing it and I will certainly try to continue all my three projects as far as possible. Even my recent retreat from using Linux and switching almost completely to Windows didn't change my point of view for it.

And to finish this longish post, here come some numbers. The sites together had 60,000 visits in last 12 months, which is 2.4 times more than in the first year. Fraqtive had over 1000 downloads and WebIssues more than 2000. That may not sound impressive, but I think it's pretty fine for such niche programs. So my best regards to everyone who visited these sites and found something interesting or useful, and see you next year.