Migration to GitHub

Submitted by mimec on 2018-03-02

In the last few months I've been quite busy working on the prototype of version 2.0 of WebIssues. My plan was to reach a point where the new web UI is functional, at least in the most important areas, before migrating the code repository to GitHub. However, with the recent series of outages and problems with SourceForge, I decided not to wait any longer. Honestly I don't blame those guys who work for SF. I suspect that these problems have more to do with politics than with technical reasons. The truth is that in today's digital world the largest company wipes out the competition sooner or later, so this was inevitable. But it doesn't change the fact that SourceForge played a very important role in the popularization of open-source software and after using it for at least 13 years, I feel a little bit of sentiment.

Also, I've been using Subversion for so long that I was a little bit reluctant to switch to Git. Believe it or not, but I've never really used it before. I know that in theory it works more or less the same, but such transition always requires some mental processing which distracts from the actual work. Fortunately, thanks to Visual Studio Code and it's built-in integration with Git, this transition went quite smoothly. So the first project is now available at https://github.com/mimecorg/webissues. Please note that this is the current development version of WebIssues 2.0, so it's very far from being functional and stable. In the following days, I will move my other projects to GitHub, including the latest stable version of WebIssues.

Soon I will also publish an article on Medium in which I will describe my initial experiences with Vue.js and my general thoughts about the benefits (and drawbacks) of working on an open-source side project. I will also use this opportunity to reveal some of my plans regarding version 2.0 of WebIssues.


hi Michal,

thanks for working on Webissues 2.0, which I was most awaited sw  for some features, I want to install the development version and give u some feedback and I already downloaded as per above link, need ur support on following areas,

1. how to configure node.js and given command, can u pls elaborate the steps,

2. even without above config, it searches admin/index.php which is missing in given folder, it worked upto configuring server and DB the it says no input file specified,

kindly support me,




At the moment WebIssues 2.0 will not work on its own, because it's just a very early prototype. I'm planning create some beta releases in the future, which don't require any manual build and configuration, but that won't happen very soon. Please have patience :).