Legacy MFC components

Submitted by mimec on 2012-03-15


All components listed below were written by me between 2002 and 2005 when I used the MFC framework for developing various applications. I published them first on the CodeGuru.com portal, then on my personal website. At that time they were very popular.

Today I no longer maintain or support them and I can't even guarantee that they will work with latest versions of MFC. However, they are still moderately popular and can still be useful to someone, so I'm keeping a list of those components for reference.

Each of the components includes a simple demo application and a brief documentation (also included in demo packages). They can be freely used for any purposes, including commercial use.

Multi-column tree view

Simple tree view with columns and horizontal scrolling

  • Very simple - only 16 KB of code
  • Used just like the standard CTreeView, also a version for dialog windows
  • Columns header, horizontal scrolling, grid lines, full-row selection mode
  • Standard look under all OS versions
  • Source code · Demo project · Documentation

Multi-threaded SDI applications

Creating multi-threaded SDI applications with multiple windows

  • Opening documents in individual SDI windows created in separate threads
  • The Window menu which can be used to switch to other windows
  • Improved registering of file extensions and opening documents from the Explorer
  • Full integration with the document/view architecture of the MFC library
  • Source code · Demo project · Documentation

IE-style menu and toolbar

IE-style menu bar and toolbar with 32-bit images

  • Menu bar which can be placed in a Rebar control, with full mouse and keyboard support
  • 3D or flat style depending on system version and settings
  • Displaying images from 16-colors to 32-bit with alpha channel
  • Easy creating of pop-up menus
  • Source code · Demo project · Documentation

HotProp control

A flexible properties control with modern look

  • Numeric, text and boolean properties, drop-down lists of options
  • Two layout modes: single-line and double-line
  • Two visual styles: 3D of flat (Office XP style)
  • Graphical properties with custom drawing procedures
  • Dynamic adding, removing and hiding properties
  • Source code · Demo project · Documentation

Multi-page interface

User interface with many views, tabs and splitters

  • Easy creating of windows with many views using simple macros
  • Improved splitter redrawing the views while dragging
  • Dividing the interface into many pages implemented as separate MDI child windows
  • Freely nested sub-pages with automatically created tabs to switch them
  • Source code · Demo project · Documentation