These are free, open source components for developing applications in C++ with the Qt framework (and some legacy ones for MFC) created by me. Each component contains a simple demo project and documentation.

All components are released under permissive free software licences, which means that you can freely use them even for commercial purposes. Refer to the included documentation for more details.

If you like these components, your donation will help me dedicate more time for them, support them and implement new features. You can use the forums to post comments and ask questions related to these components.

Simple XML-based UI builder for Qt4

XmlUi Demo

This library provides a tool strip widget, replacing classic menu bar and toolbars, and facilities for defining and merging the layout of actions from multiple components, using simple XML files.

Extensible SQLite driver for Qt4

This library is an alternative SQLite driver for Qt4 which includes its own copy of SQLite and allows extending it by implementing custom functions, collations, etc.

Legacy MFC components

Multi-column tree view

This is a collection of reusable components for the MFC framework that I wrote between 2002 and 2005. I no longer maintain or support them and I can't guarantee that they will work with latest versions of MFC. However, you may use them freely for any purposes, including commercial use.

Simple template-based relational database

RDB Demo

RDB is a set of class templates implementing simple, generic and fast collections of objects called tables. Each table can store objects of any class with one or more integer attributes called keys. The table has a separate index for each key for fast retrieving and iterating items.

In addition, this package contains adapter classes for using RDB tables with the Qt Model/View architecture.

Modern Qt style for Windows

Windows Modern Style

WindowsModernStyle is a Qt style for Windows which imitates the look of MS Office 2003. It changes the style of toolbars, menus, docked windows and toolboxes. The color scheme used by this style is automatically adjusted to system settings.

The style can be included in an existing application or compiled as a plugin library. This package also contains a demo program using this style.

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